Zing Feature preview for Java 9 is available


Update of 05/15:

Please note that Zing Feature preview version supporting Java 10 is already available, which supersedes the Java 9 one announced by the post below. The corresponding announcement can be found here: https://support.azul.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360003547183-Zing-Feature-Preview-for-Java-10


Original post:



This post is to announce the first drop of the Feature preview version of Zing supporting Java 9, which Azul provides in order to collect early feedback and enable testing of various applications in development environments. The package will be updated on weekly basis and is an in-development feature preview version that might be unstable or not performing. Azul undertakes reasonable effort to ensure acceptable quality of the bits. This version is not supported and must not be used in production.

For instruction on obtaining and using the bits please refer to Get Started with ZingĀ® 9.

The currently published version supports Java 9 specification but underwent only limited testing. A few JEPs which are not required for conformance are not implemented yet. We continue working on missing functionality, performance, and quality. Please check this forum for announcements of future updates.

For feedback channels you may use this forum or other means available for existing Zing customers.








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