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    Dana Roth

    The Zing Trial page has a link to the Zing Quick Start Guide, and on that page there are links to all of the Zing documentation online. No user id and password necessary.


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    To follow up on Dana's comment, the URL you are trying to use reflects the password-protected area of the Zing support system. The documents in that area span the current and many prior versions of fielded Zing releases and are available to Zing subscribers by way of their paid support benefits.

    As Dana states, we recommend you use the Zing Quick Start Guide to work through your trial. However, since you appear to wish to review the overall documentation set, you can always review the most recent version on the Azul Online Docs area. The path to Zing docs is as follows: From there you can review the user guide, system requirements, and release notes for the current Zing product.

    Should you continue with Zing and place an order that includes support, then you'd receive a userID and password for the support download docs, too. Hopefully that makes sense.


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    Xu Dongyan

    @MattS, thanks. Our company has been an commercial user. Anyway I am being supported by ticket  request (8435). 

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