RHEL YUM Install 401 Unauthorized Error




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    We determined the reason for the 401 error to be a missing step in the instructions for using the Yum repository. The guide and website have since been updated on or around September 27th to properly include downloading the Azul repo public key as the proper starting point. With that step in place, the "401 unauthorized access" should no longer occur. This was an oversight in the initial launch of the repo-based trials system. All our test machines already had the public key, so the step got overlooked. We have added external bare machine testing to ensure this type of error won't recur in future site revisions as the trial process evolves.

    If you have any other errors using Yum, please paste the full error content in your posting, so we may do more complete and faster triage. Thanks.


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    Dana Roth


    I'm with Azul tech support. I sent you an email a few minutes ago.You can respond to that email or respond here, either way.

    Our repo does not require authentication so I think the 401 error is coming from somewhere else. Are you behind an http firewall?

    Could I impose on you to try it again and send us the console output?

    This post from linuxquestions might be relevant:  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/help-yum-error-%5Berrno-14%5D-http-error-401-unauthorized-641976/

    If we can't get the repo to work for you we will certainly find another way for you to try Zing.



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