REQUEST: Can Zulu run applets? or JavaWebStart?


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    I'm so glad you asked. :)

    Zulu today does not have a JRE browser plugin, nor support for JNLP. This is covered in the Zulu Release Notes under Deployment Targets:

    While applets and JNLP have pros and cons in terms of programming paradigms, there are some barriers that make adding them to Zulu a tall order. First, neither is covered under Java Standard Edition. They are outside the Java SE spec, so have no formal test protocols by which implementations can be certified. Second, browser writers have clamped down traditional plugin APIs, opting instead to adopt HTML5 and rich JavaScript. Java, Flash, SilverLight, and other plugins have thus lost favor in modern browsers and web development frameworks. Third, traditionally plugins and JNLP have been perceived as ripe hacker targets. Fourth, neither the JRE plugin or JNLP lies within OpenJDK, from which all of Zulu is typically built. There does exist the IcedTea-web project, and that is potentially a place where the Java community has one open source alternative to the Oracle JRE plugin. That project, housed at, is indeed open, but not part of OpenJDK.

    All in all, a Zulu plugin/JNLP seems possible, but not probable given these barriers. We welcome feedback, concerns, and ideas regarding IcedTea-Web, any other applet/JNLP knowledge, or hacks that may allow safe use of applets/JavaWebStart over Zulu. If indeed the community has moved into HTML5, Vaadin, or other ways to do browser logic atop Java applications, then a Zulu applet/JavaWebStart implementation may be a non-starter.

    Please discuss!

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