what's the time unit of zing jstat gcutil?



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    Holger (private account)


    the unit for the columns NGCT, OGCT and GCT is seconds. Those are cumulated runtimes of NewGC, OldGC and the sum of both.

    Please note, that the Zing Garbage Collector is running concurrently to your application, so these times are not application pauses. 

    If you like to take a closer look at Zing GC data stored in the gc.log which can be enabled when running Zing, the graphical tool GCLogAnalyser included in every Zing installation provides a detailed inside. Documentation: http://docs.azul.com/zing/Zing_UserGuide/#Zing_UserGuide/UsingZing_GCLogAnalyser_RunGCLogAnalyser.htm


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