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    Holger (private account)

    This problem was caused by a missing activated RHEL subscription for that host.

    That directly resulted in the standard package repositories provided by the operating system vendor, here Red Hat, not being available and all its contained software packages not being accessible.

    As Zing JDK requires one of those operating system packages the installation failed with the following error message:

    Error: Package: zing-zst-trial-7d.3.10.0- (zing)
    Requires: perl(Sys::Syslog)

    The solution was to activate the RHEL license subscription on that host and repeat the failed installation command:
    # yum install zing-jdk1.8.0-trial

    Afterwards, the Zing installation and configuration could be continued as documented on

    If you see that above error message, please check with the following commands, what causes this package not being available on your system:
    # yum repolist
    # subscription-manager repos --list

    Both should should show at least the following repository name:
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server (RPMs)

    If it is missing, most likely the Red Hat license is expired or the system was not registered to the Red Hat Network or the installation DVD image is not connected to the VM if it is a standalone system. For registering the system, please take a look at

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