Prime startup fails: "Azul license signing verification failed"


Prime (formerly known as Zing) fails to startup due to license check.

The following error is seen when running the zing-licensed command (ZST is required):

$ zing-licensed --verify
ERROR: License File:/etc/zing/license, Zing AZUL license signing verification failed



The license file (default location: /etc/zing/license) has a checksum embedded within the signature.  If the file is modified in any way, the checksum will not match and the verification will fail.  Some causes for failure can be:

  • Your Internal security software/procedures can embed URLs within the license file during transfer (eg. URL Defence).  For example, the 2nd line of the license file may have "" inserted prior to ""
  • Microsoft Windows editors can inadvertently convert CR/LF characters in the license file, thus altering the file
  • Any manual editing of the file will invalidate the checksum



Revert any changes made to the file and try again.

Alternatively, use a compression/archive utility (eg. winzip) on the license file to prevent any changes during transit.

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