Does Zing run on a Virtual Machine?

If your Hypervisor System is running on an intel Xeon CPU newer than 2009 or AMD Opteron newer than 2010 it most likely already complies to the Zing Specifications. For more details go to Zing System requirements. At least 2 vCores are needed and adding more improves the throughput. As guest system on the hypervisor you can use any of the supported Linux distributions.

On the virtualization system the Balloon Driver should be switched off: How to disable the Balloon Driver

Zing on Docker is supported: Installing Zing on Docker

You can also install the standard Zing packages inside any HVM Linux-based AWS EC2 instance (but not on PV instances). Amazon Linux is preferred for that use case, but RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian or SLES can also be used. Read more about this on Zing on Amazon Linux. Installation on other cloud providers like Google or Azure is also possible as long as the guest OS system is one of the supported by Zing.

If you are not sure if your system is supported and don't won't to read through all those documentation, just go to, our automatic self service page, for downloading the Zing trial installation package. It offers the same functionality as the full version.


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