Are monitoring or profiling tools included with Azul Platform Prime?

The current recommended profiling tool is the included Java Flight Recorder (JFR) which replaced ZVision which is explained below:

Azul Platform Prime includes a non-intrusive, production-time application profile and diagnose tool, called Zing Vision (ZVision). In contrast to most other existing external profiling or monitoring tools dedicated to Java applications, ZVision allows a fine-grained insight into the different components of your application without any noticeable overhead. This is possible as ZVision is built into the JVM itself and not just attached as Java Agent.

CPU usage per method, memory usage by objects and by classes is displayed, thread dumps and other internal data that helps to identify bottlenecks or high resource usage in the application. 

The method used within ZVision to create thread dumps does not pause your application as externally triggered thread dumps do. For example if you create a thread dump with the jstack tool or kill -3 (SIGQUIT) the application is stopped until all threads reached a safepoint.

Read more about ZVision in the ZVision Technical Info Overview and also in the Azul Platform Prime User Guide.

For other ways to monitor Zing, see Monitoring Zing.

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