Why doesn't my Java program run?

If you have replaced JAVA_HOME or the absolute path to the java executable and your application does not start, first run the following command to check if all necessary components for Azul Zulu Prime, the Azul Zulu Prime JVM, the Azul Zulu Prime System Tools (ZST) and the /etc/zing/license file are installed completely:

/opt/zing/zing-jdk8/bin/java -version

If the test with "java -version" works fine, but your application not, then maybe the -Xmx settings for the maximum Java heap size was set too high. Azul Zulu Prime JVM supports up to 20 TByte heap size, but is of course practically limited by the free RAM your system provides. Please check the stdout and stderr log files of your application to identify the cause in detail.

Here an example of the error message about a mismatch between available system RAM and requested heapsize over -Xmx when using Apache Tomcat:

$ tail /var/log/tomcat8/catalina.out
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Memory management: unable to fund java heap account

For more details about setting the heapsize for Tomcat: Apache Tomcat on Azul Platform Prime

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