Using and installing different Azul Platform Prime versions in parallel

First, let's differentiate between Azul Platform Prime versions and Java SE level. The Java SE level is for example Java 8 or Java 17, or also sometimes written as 1.8.0 or 17.0.0. The Azul Platform Prime version providing the actual implementation is for example and available for all current Java version.

You can always install and use multiple Java SE Levels each using a different Azul Platform Prime packages as the Java SE Level is part of the package name and part of the installation path, for example /opt/zing/zing-jdk17

But if you want to install and use different Azul Platform Prime versions providing the same Java SE level, you need to use the tar.gz installation package available on Azul Platform Prime downloads.

The Azul Platform Prime RPM and DEB packages always replace the previously installed Azul Platform Prime version. The tar.gz package does not modify any previous installation.

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